Calling all Music Teachers,

  • Are you tired of getting paid $20 to $30 an hour through a music school even though you have a Bachelors or Masters or Doctorate degree in music?
  • How would you like to be your own boss scheduling your own hours?
  • How would you like to make what you’re worth and not deal with local music schools?

Well guess what . . .

I’m about to tell you a SHOCKING SECRET . . .

Most music schools get teachers to work for them for cheap because . . .


In fact it is in THEIR OWN best interest NOT to teach you how to get and keep you own students.

What if I showed you a way to get your OWN clientele AND get paid what you’re worth. . .

What would that be worth to you?

Let me ask you a question . . . what do you think YOU’RE worth?

After 4 years (or more) of higher education getting your Bachelors, do you think you’re worth $20, 25, or 30 dollars an hour?

Well that’s what some music teaching schools may think you’re worth.)

Or do you think you’re worth $60, 70, or even as high as 80 to a $100 dollars an hour? (Yes, I’ve met phenomenal music teachers who are truly worth this much per hour and get paid for it).

So if you think you’re worth more along the lines of $50 or more dollars per hour let me ask you another question . . .

If some one could show you a way to set up your own music teaching business where you are teaching anywhere from 10 to 20 hours a week raking in as much as $500 or more of supplemental income a week . . . what would that be worth to you?

Before you decide on that answer, let’s say you’re really a $70 per hour as a music teacher and you teach 20 hours a week ($70 per hour x 20h hours = $1,400 per week)

. . .

if someone showed you how to achieve this . . .

what would that be worth to you?

($1,400 per week x 52 a year = $72,800, or if you teach 9 months out of the year $1,400 x 39 weeks = $54,600)

So if someone showed you how to make at least $50,000 / year teaching music, … what would that be worth to you?

Most people go to a 4 year College and spend anywhere from $16k to well over a $100k only to earn less than that and work for someone else and not know the basic business building skills to be their own boss.

Well let’s look at something else . . . if you were worth $70 an hour as a music instructor and taught at least 30 hours a week for 39 weeks (or 9 months out of the year) you would make $81,900 . . . in other words you would make over 80 Thousand dollars teaching something you love AND still get to take 3 months off (if you want to take the summer off all to yourself)

Now before we assume how much you would make if you taught 40 hours a week (a good number or hours to aim for) if you were to earn over $80,000.00 a year and someone showed you how to make that kind of money teaching music what would you be willing to pay that person?

Now consider this . . .

I can teach you how to do this . . .

At this point you may be asking what qualifies me? or “Who are you?”

Simple, just like you, I’ve been a music teacher and have been through a lot of challenges building my own clientele and over came those challenges.

I’ve learned how to build my own client base FROM SCRATCH as a part time teacher. I’ve learned how to sell myself and keep students. Within months of starting my own music teaching business I was at a capacity, ceased all advertising, had a WAITLIST from referrals and had to hire other teachers to teach the other students I just didn’t have time to.

I’ve had as many as 7 (yes SEVEN) new inquiries in a single day in the SUMMER when business slows down. And truth be told even the parents of brand new students were referring me to their friends by the 2nd or 3rd lesson.

I’m glad I decided to avoid teaching at a music school . . . because in fact . . .


I would have been toast if I did decide to teach at a local music school. When you set up your own business, you are your own boss.

You get to teach the students you want to and you determine when you want to go on vacation or need to spend time with your loved ones or family.


If most people knew how to build their own business, they wouldn’t work for someone else


Music schools will charge as high as $80 per hour to the student but only give you anywhere from $20 to $30 an hour.


It is in the best interest of music schools NOT to teach you how to build your own client base from scratch.

For a limited time only I will personally mentor 10 ambitious and determined music teachers who are dedicated to building their own clientele and willing to do what it takes to teach music independently and not be dependent on someone else for their source of income.

If you’re interested in making an investment in yourself and your future as a music teacher, send an e-mail to

admin AT musicteacherbook DOT com

Tony G.

P.S. Email me if

  • You’re interested in building your own clientele from scratch
  • Earning as much as $50,000 teaching music from your own home working an average of 20 hours per week, 
  • Honestly believe you are worth at LEAST $70 / hour as a music teacher, and
  • Have a passion for teaching music,

Be sure send me your résumé along with references as text in an e-mail.



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