Today’s blog post deals with the question of websites.

Are you new to teaching music?

Are you deciding to hire a web designer to build a website for you?

Or  are you even planning to get a domain name?

Well here’s something that I’m sure will draw the irate ire of web designers everywhere.

You really don’t need a website . . .

At least until you have a business.

Yes It’s true, too often, many folks want to do everything else but the most important thing they need to focus on before they build a website:   Sales

That’s right you need to focus on building your business up to the point where building a website will bring you even more business.

“But Tony, in today’s age how can I get students if I don’t have a website?”

Very simple, you need to advertise as inexpensively as possible.

“How do I advertise as inexpensively as possible?”

There are three ways to advertise inexpensively

  • Craigslist   ( and then select your region or else you get San Francisco as a default city to start advertising in).
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Flyers

Craigslist right now is FREE (at least for music teachers to advertise on).  I love Craigslist.  I advertise for free and students call.  Nice huh?

There is however a trick to advertising on Craigslist in order to stand up and above the clutter that 99% of the other music teachers put up there that they call “ads” which is revealed in my e-book  “How To Build Your Own Profitable Music Teaching Based Small Business.”  (

What else is there?

Flyers will cost you money but if you put them in the right place you can definitely get phone calls from potential students.  A guy I recently coached found the community center of an affluent neighborhood and tells me he gets quite a few phone calls based on those flyers alone.

Word-of-mouth.  This is simple.  Tell everyone what you’re doing.  Seriously.  You may have a friend who wants some lessons to learn how to play piano, guitar, violin or whatever it is that you teach.  Treat your friend real well, and they’ll tell their friends and associates too.

Here’s a word-of-mouth hint:  Treat every student or client like Gold.  Use great people skills when working with your clients, and give them a great and if possible, an unforgettable experience.  They will then tell all their friends about you.

But remember, like any good salesman, you also need to ask for the referral (of course it’s justifiable since you are providing your students with an excellent experience, weren’t you?).

In my e-book “How To Build Your Own Profitable Music Teaching Based Small Business” ( I’ll tell you about a referral strategy that will bring you most of your new clients to you fast.

In fact when I implemented this one technique, I quickly maxed out the number of students I was able to see per week and I had to put new students on a waiting listing and eventually had a young gal, a professional musician, help me out with at least one of those students on my waiting list and in return for finding the student I collected a small referral fee from her.

So let’s go back to the original question…

To website or not to website?

The truth is to start you don’t need a website.  At least not until you have a business.

I have a client whose doing very well and to this day has NO website.  All he does is advertise on Craigslist, puts up flyers, and has a simple business card with his name phone number and the instrument that he teaches.  He does well with no website.


Tony Goicochea

P.S.  If you’re still not feeling sure as to whether or not you want  to buy the e-book you can download the first 2 chapters if you click here for freeeeeee (

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