Guess who was on the radio this Wednesday?

That’s right, yours truly.

Since then some people have been asking me…

“Tony, how on earth did you end up getting interviewed on the radio?”

Well I must confess, it was kind of simple and easy really.

I usually spend time with a good group of friends on regular basis and this way I meet a lot of people.  (Hint: networking; major hint: relationship building)

True to form I talk about what I know a lot about and in this case I was talking about economics (no need to lose faith, I’m really a musician and creative at heart).

I know I know, nothing usually scares people off at a party other than saying you’re an economist or a statistician.

But this time it was different.

I was at the right place at the right time and this tall blonde I was talking to, grabbed a hold of me and cheerfully enthused “I need to interview you!  You would make a great guest on this series of video interviews that I produce.”

Of course I said “yes.”

What most people don’t know was that this conversation took place months ago.

Puzzlingly, our schedules kept conflicting and we sort of just gave up as she eventually stopped producing her video blog series of interviews.

However, I kept keeping in touch with her.

And then one day . . .she became the host of a local radio show

Because I kept occasionally “pinging” her (see Keith Ferrazzi’s book “Never Eat Alone” over at www.amazon.com or check out his blog over at www.keithferrazzi.com ) when the opportunity arose I was in position to be asked by her to be interviewed on her radio show.

So here’s a few things to take with you.

  • Be an expert (or really good at something) or be able to provide something of value
  • Make it a point to be in the right place at the right time as often as possible (position yourself so that you are easily accessible to those who could use your expertise or services)
  • Keep your network active (See my book www.musicteacherebook.com/buy for tips on this in the section on Customer Relationship Management For Small Business or in Keith Ferrazzi’s  “Never Eat Alone” for more information)

And for goodness sakes, learn to keep your network active, and learn to follow through (not follow up).



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P.P.S.  To catch a replay of the interview broadcast go to www.redzonepolitics.com I was interviewed for the April 21st show.

P.P.P.S.  I am considering business coaching for beginning music teachers again.  Send me a private e-mail to me at  admin AT musicteacherebook DOT com  if you are interested with the words Coaching in the subject

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